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Raising Up Godly Children, by Mitch Davis (07/29/12)

Listen to the Sermon  / Download the PowerPoint Children today are being raised with confusing and ever changing (and selfish) standards. The Bible

2 comments Mitch Davis

A Religious Survey Challenges us to Evangelize the World and Pass Our Faith to Our Children

The Fields are Whiter than Ever USA Today reports that most religious groups have lost ground, that is membership numbers, over the past 18 years. Bas

2 comments Edwin Crozier

A Formula for Parents to Protect Their Children in a Wicked World

Over the holidays I had a rare opportunity to spend time with all four of my grandchildren. Madeline (9), Ben (7), Julia (4), Jonathan (Boo) (2).  A

2 comments Don Adair

As The Family Goes, So Goes the Nation

We have heard this quoted many times from many sources.  Pope John Paul II referred to this condition as contributing to the many changes and chaos

1 comments Jimmy Frasier