Thank God for Dads, by Mitch Davis (06/15/2014)

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Dad’s aren’t perfect (no matter how much we may brag on them). Yet, we have them (good and bad ones) and they give us reason to thank God for them. Find out how that is possible.


God Is Jealous For You, by Mitch Davis (10/6/2013)

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God wants you and has done everything by way of His holy love for you to have an eternal life with Him. The question is, are you jealous for Him?


Are You Using Your Talents? by Mitch Davis (08/25/2013)

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Christian, are you using what God has entrusted to you? Do do seek, to be like Jesus, to build up the body of Christ so that the church can manifest the wisdom of God through His church? Will he find you – at the day of reckoning – in want?


Raising Up Godly Children, by Mitch Davis (07/29/12)

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Children today are being raised with confusing and ever changing (and selfish) standards. The Bible clearly teaches our children to obey and honor their parents. Parents, you are expected to train them to learn this fundamental role in the family.