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Everyone’s Got a Story, by Mitch Davis (03/23/2014)

Listen to the Sermon / Download the PowerPoint No matter what makes up the unique life that belongs to each individual, when it comes right down to

1 comments Mitch Davis

Preparing for Prince Charming, by Mitch Davis (9/9/12)

Listen to the Sermon  / Download the PowerPoint Last week we looked at the history of courtship in our country and how it has lead to the stereotypi

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I’m Allowed to Love Myself

This will probably become a sermon sometime in the next few months, but in a discussion with someone this morning something really struck me and I can

3 comments Edwin Crozier

The Psychology of the Human Heart

Before we get to this post, I need to explain that we had a bit of a flub last week. I scheduled my article to show up on the web, but somehow the e-m

1 comments Richard Terry

Answering the Devil’s Challenge about God’s Love

Below is a disturbing video. It is a challenge laid down by a religious group stating Satan's challenge.  Prove God's love. It is a bit shocking, but

0 comments Edwin Crozier

God’s Command to Husbands

Ed Harrell once said he was counseling a married couple, when the husband told him he just didn’t love his wife anymore, therefore was not happy wit

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