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Trouble Feeling Like a Christian? Get Out and Serve Someone

Our relief trip got postponed a week. But it was great. Checkout the report, complete with pictures in the events thread under Hurricane Ike Relief Tr

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Partnering in Good Deeds

If you were asked what is the greatest good deed anyone could do for another, you would likely say, “Share the Gospel.” Clearly, greater than any

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What It Means to Hunger for Good Deeds

As this gets posted, I will be in southeast Texas walking amid the fallen trees, flooded houses and messed up lives of brethren who endured Hurricane

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Bearing Good Fruit

Why are we doing good deeds? Is it so people may be helped? Is it so we may have meaningful lives? Is it so we can grow? No doubt, each of these happ

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Whatever You Can, Whenever You Can, For Whomever You Can

The story is told of a man walking along a beach in the early morning, In the distance ahead, he saw a boy repeatedly bending to the sand, standing up

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4 Keys to Pursuing Purity in All Things

Today's card for our Zealous for Good Deeds Fall Focus highlighted Titus 1:15-16: "To the pure, all things are pure, but to the defiled and unbelievin

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A Fear of Good Deeds

Let’s face it, when we hear a lot about good deeds we know where it is going to hit us the hardest—the wallet. Obviously, not every good deed is

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