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2014 Year in Review, by Mitch Davis (12-21-2014)

2014 Year in Review, by Mitch Davis (12-21-2014)


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What a wonderful year to reflect upon as we gear up for 2015! Praise God for using His children to bring Him glory and precious souls into His kingdom!


  • Julio 28-12-2014

    Great lesson! Mitch, can you tell me more about the homeless ministry your congregation sponsors? I see, through the pictures, you have a place for them to set camp (sanctuary). Is that on church land? Is there a portable toilet in the premises? Do they do any kind of work for the congregation? Sorry for all the questions, I’m just excited to learn more about. Plus I ask, because our congregation recently started a homeless ministry. We feed them every Sunday after worship, and then dinner on Monday.

    Thanks in advance. God bless.

    • Mitch 29-12-2014

      Thank you, Julio. The church here has members who went out to share our food and clothing with our homeless neighbors at a bus stop. Unfortunately, the day we went was rainy and cold with no one there, so we went to a place (Sanctuary) that our family has visited before. The people there have organized themselves very well as a small revolving community with a porta-john, a main tent (for cooking and gathering) along with individual tents, all within a fenced area that adjoins a church building. Further, there is a community effort to create a small building that will have bathing capabilities (wow!).

      We are looking elsewhere for more homeless individuals that do not have the resources this group does, but we will still visit our new friends here to check back to see how they are doing.

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