I Need to Hear the Same Message Over and Over Again

March 10, 2009 by  
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While in Lafayette, Georgia, I’ve preached two sermons that looked at Philippians 2:3-4, applying them in two different contexts–marriage and the local congregation. This repetition has reminded me of something I wanted to share with you.

As a preacher, I sometimes have an idea for a sermon but then think, “I can’t do that one; I preached on that already.” That may have even been 5 years ago. Certainly, I shouldn’t be lazy, rehashing old study to keep from having to do work today. However, I’ve preached these two sermons in numerous places. Each time I do, I usually have to say, “I’m preaching this again, because even though I’ve said it to me before, I seem to have forgotten and need to be reminded.”

The messages from God’s word are not lessons we hear once and have internalized and mastered. Oh no, I need to hear these same messages over and over and over again. Don’t worry, I won’t start repreaching all my sermons. However, I will encourage us to go back and keep studying or restudying. As Peter said in II Peter 1:12-13, we constantly need to be reminded of the Biblical messages.

Whatever you think you’ve gotten down, go back and study it again.



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