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Spiritual Understanding

No Retirement In The Lord’s Work

Our culture in the USA has taught us that you work hard until 65 or 70 and then it’s time to retire from everything, relax, and do whatever your hea

1 comments Phil Barnes

God’s Grace in Time of Troubles

I Peter 5:6-10 has always been one of my most comforting and favorite passages, especially as I grow older.  There are times in our life when things

1 comments Phil Barnes

What if You Make the Wrong Choice?

[caption id="attachment_3875" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="Which Road Will You Choose?"][/caption]       In this wonderful country of o

0 comments Don Adair

Don’t Quit

There are two things that most of us understand in this life, these are commitment and dedication. Haven’t we as parents encouraged our children to

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God’s word places great importance on TIME. Ecclesiastes 3:1 "To everything there is a season, and a TIME to every purpose under the heaven." Ephesi

2 comments David Coleman

God Knows Hearts; We Don’t

I would like to ask a question for your consideration and study. After a sermon or Bible study or even a conversation with someone have you ever said,

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Christians and Christmas

At this time of year many Christians struggle with how to deal with Christmas among their family, friends, co-workers and other Christians. How do we

2 comments David Coleman

What You Eat Is What You Are

I worked at Vanderbilt Medical Center for over forty years. The medical center had a number of specialty Clinics. One of the most popular centers was

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Planning Our Last Trip

Let us make a deal. You read this short article concerning the reality of life and how we look at it and accept it. If it does not create some thought

0 comments Jimmy Frasier

Drawing Our Line in the Sand

As young boys, often when there was a heated disagreement, we would draw a line in the sand or dirt and challenge one another to "step across that lin

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