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Spiritual Understanding

No Retirement In The Lord’s Work

Our culture in the USA has taught us that you work hard until 65 or 70 and then it’s time to retire from everything, relax, and do whatever your hea

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The Weightier Matters of the Law

The Law of God is vital to our walk with Him. It’s establishment reveals to us God’s standard of righteousness. Through it we know whether we are

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Wanna Get Involved? Just Do It

Ever heard or said any of the following well intended statements (just finish the statement to make it sound ‘well intended’)? “I would love to

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Hope, Because Jesus Is Risen

Last week we discussed God’s purpose for the suffering we endure in this world. Suffering, in its grand scheme, helps us to look beyond ourselves an

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Sharing in the Sacrifice

What an amazing and wonderful picture the totality of the sacrificial offering was. (more…)

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Our Teaching Goal: That We May Present Everyone Mature in Christ

Sometimes it is easy to get sidetracked and miss the real point behind what we are supposed to be doing and teaching. Because we hear so much error in

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Dressing from a Heart to Glorify God

Spring has arrived. The flowers are blooming. Birds are singing. Pollen is spreading. People are wearing fewer clothes. That can be a problem. I certa

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Falling from Grace by Keeping God’s Law? Is That Possible?

There is no doubt that the Bible teaches we can fall from God’s grace. That is, having received the gift of God by His grace, we can so live as to a

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Traditions and God’s Law

In Mark 7:1-13, the Pharisees questioned Jesus and His disciples about washing their hands before they ate. This was not simply a matter of hygiene fo

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Confessions of an Internet Junkie

Some time ago, I confessed a sad television habit that was taking up too much of my valuable time. As I said in that article, I deleted my DVR schedul

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