The Great Divide (3) – The Urgency of Reconciliation

February 11, 2024

🌟 Join us for a powerful sermon on “The Urgency of Reconciliation” from our series “The Great Divide.” Discover the timeless message of the trifecta of parables in Luke 15 and learn why bridging the gap between humanity and God is essential for a fulfilling – reconciled – life in Christ. Don’t miss out! #Reconciliation #SermonSunday 🙏📖

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Inclement Weather Announcement

Sunday Morning In-Person Service is Canceled

UPDATE 1/20/2024 at 7 pm:
Sunday Morning 10 AM In-Person Service is CANCELED

Due to inclement weather our parking lot –has completely frozen with black ice. The temperature is too cold for any salt to be activated and melt the ice. For the safety of everyone, we have canceled our church services for tomorrow. We apologize for any inconvenience to you.