The Devil Bit My Finger

January 27, 2009

The following video is one of the most watched videos on youtube. With over 77 million views plus many others having copied the video and reaching into the hundreds of thousands, even you have probably already seen what happened when Charlie bit his brother’s finger.

I’ve watched this video over and again because it is just so funny. However, it hit me that this little bit of humor is much like us in really not so funny moments. What makes this video funny is you can almost see it coming. The older brother thinks its funny to let his brother bite his finger. But then Charlie latches on and won’t let go. The older brother hollers and screams and then complains about how much it hurts, but we all know if he didn’t want to get hurt, he shouldn’t have stuck his finger in Charlie’s mouth to begin with.

I’ve done that very thing. Actually, I’ve done it literally with my kids. It’s fun to let them chew on your finger until those teeth come through and one day they clamp down. However, I’ve also done it figuratively with the devil. In Romans 13:14, Paul warns us not to make provision for the lust of the flesh to gratify its desires. 

Sadly, I’ve done that. Have you? It reminds me of the preacher who wanted to lose weight and had sworn off donuts. But he kept taking the route to his office that passed by the donut shop. One day, he explained that he asked God, “God, if you want me to get a donut today, just make sure the parking space right in front of the door is open.” He then explained, “On my eighth time around the block, guess what, it was open.”

I don’t know of any people who woke up in the morning and said, “Today, I think I’m just going to sin big time.” Instead, they simply put their finger in the devil’s mouth, thinking it won’t be a big deal. The problem is the devil is seeking someone to devour (I Peter 5:8). If you provide for the lusts of the flesh, putting your finger in the devil’s mouth, he’s going to clamp down on you and won’t let go. When it is done, you can complain about how much it hurt. You can cry and holler. But in the end, what you need to learn is just not to put your finger in the devil’s mouth. Don’t make provisions for the lusts of the flesh.

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