A message about our current Sunday and Wednesday Services

June 9, 2020

Philippians 4:5 “Let your forbearing spirit be known to everyone–the Lord is near.

Brothers and Sisters,

The shepherds ask you to be in earnest prayer for our dear sister Sheila Cather and her family.

The shepherds continue to evaluate the situation and adjust our meeting arrangements at the building. It is our earnest desire to see as many people assembling together at our building as possible.

Based on the continuing input the elders receive from you and our prayerful consideration of the needs of this flock, we are adding an additional service at the building on Sunday morning from 9 AM to 10 AM. This service will have the same program of the Lord’s Supper, songs, prayers, scripture reading, and preaching.

All who attend the 9 AM worship service will wear a face-covering throughout their time in the building including the preacher and the men who lead the activities listed above. This service will also be live-streamed through our website, YouTube, and Facebook.

Between 10 AM and 11 AM, the building will be sanitized and prepared for the next assembly.

There is no change to the 11 AM assembly. The elders still request all who attend this service wear a face covering.

Wednesday Evening Summer Series service: Out of respect and love for the visiting preachers and their families, we ask that all wear a face covering to this service.

At the end of each of these services, we ask that all exit the building as quickly as possible so that sanitizing and preparation for the next service can begin. And, it will be safer for all if the greeting and socializing take place outdoors.

If you regularly participate in our worship in a public way, please make yourself available to John Hinely and Paul Stagner so that they can cover all the worship responsibilities. If you’ve been considering doing this, please consider starting now.

The Sunday 9 AM adult Bible study will move to Sunday evening at 5 PM. The Sunday 9 AM high school/middle school class will move to a time to be determined.

The shepherds continue to ask all persons who are at greater risk from the COVID-19 virus (age 65 and older and/or have underlying health conditions) carefully consider the guidelines set by the health authorities and the advice of your health care professionals.

For the elders, your shepherds in Christ

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