Sharper Than a Two-Edged Sword, by Mitch Davis (06/29/2014)

Listen to the Sermon / Download the PowerPoint Many professed Christians are going back into the world - even if they remain in the church pew - bu

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A Clean Slate

When God, thru Moses, led his people to the Promised Land, he instructed them to drive out all the inhabitants of the land. These people were idol wor

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Unlawful Vs. Illegal and New Testament Authority

  This past week, I started listening to a grammar podcast. I had no idea I would hear something to help me understand Scripture. Someone asked abo

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Let’s Revere the Word of God

There is an old television commercial for E. F. Hutton where when Hutton speaks, everyone stops and listens.  The point being, his investment wisdom

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5 Keys to Knowing God’s Answers to Prayer

In a question and answer session during my recent series on Prayer in Chillicothe, Ohio, someone asked, "How does God answer prayer? If you are seekin

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