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Born to Die

Listen to the Sermon / Download the PowerPoint That Jesus came into this world is biblically SIGNIFICANT but why He came into this world is paramou

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Appointments in Life, by Mitch Davis (10/07/12)

Listen to the Sermon / Download the PowerPoint Man - as the Bible reveals - does not have a choice as to when he is born or when he dies (yes, even de

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What if You Make the Wrong Choice?

[caption id="attachment_3875" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="Which Road Will You Choose?"][/caption]       In this wonderful country of o

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Planning Our Last Trip

Let us make a deal. You read this short article concerning the reality of life and how we look at it and accept it. If it does not create some thought

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95 Years is Just a Vapor Compared to Eternity

         My wife Linda and I were sitting by my ninety-five year old aunt’s bed. She had suffered a heart attack several days ago. Her cond

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For Me To Live, Someone Must Die

I read something this morning that made me think. In order for me to live, something else must die. I'm supposed to meet a friend for lunch today. I k

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Serve Others and Provide Reasons to be Missed

Linkin Park expresses a desire most of us have in their song, “Leave Out All the Rest.” I dreamed I was missing; You were so scared. But no one

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Are You Ready to Die?

As I was returning home not long ago I passed several horses in a field.  Even though the temperature was in the high 40’s, the horses had blankets

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