Baptism: …raised with Christ through faith in the working of God, by Mitch Davis (03/24/13)

Download the PowerPoint There are aspects of baptism that some Christians still need to learn AFTER they have been baptized so that God is fully glor

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Saying What God Says about Baptism

John 3:16, the most well known verse in the Bible, explains that Jesus died so we wouldn’t have to. However, it doesn’t teach that simply because

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Born Again through Water, A Bible Theme

The Bible is filled with repeated elements, themes, and narratives. One of which is water connected with birth or generation through that water. Gene

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New Beginnings

    Many people look at the NEW YEAR as a chance for NEW BEGINNINGS. We tend to make lists, at least mentally, of things we want to accomplish in

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In the Pews or In Heaven

I would love to have a thousand or ten thousand people working with the Franklin Church. However, as we work on congregational growth, we have to kee

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