Gospel Meeting with Frederic Gray, Fall 2012

Gospel Meeting with Frederic Gray, Fall 2012

speaker for Fall, 2012 Gospel Meeting

Frederic Gray

This Fall (September 30 – October 3) Frederic Gray (Tampa, FL) will be speaking about Lessons from the Lord.Your Personal Invitation!You are cordially invited to join us for this meeting. We will meet on the following dates and times.

  • Sunday, 9AM – Why was turning water to wine Jesus’ first miracle?
  • Sunday, 11AM – What is the most famous sentence from the most famous conversation in history?
  • Monday, 7PM – Four Satanic cultural expressions of Christianity and what God really wants from us.
  • Tuesday, 7PM – Being one–if the Adam and Eve story is true, then why are there so many races?
  • Wednesday, 7PM – How do you love your wife the way Christ loved the church?

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