Who Will You Invite?

May 3, 2009

In just 14 days we are having our huge evangelism push as we try to invite as many people as possible to worship with us and hear a lesson that will help us all learn to lean on the Lord as we face difficult times. The sermon is entitled “If You Want to Win Life’s Lottery, You’ve Got to Lean on the Lord.”

If you’re following our website, on Tuesday you learned that over half of Americans claim they would visit a church if they received a personal invitation. That is part of why this kind of effort is really important.

We’ve really pushed the invitations this week. If you’re like me, you’ve gone through the obvious and are now trying to figure out who else you can invite. I thought it would be a great time for us to consider the obvious and not so obvious folks we might invite.

  1. a spouse who doesn’t attend
  2. children who have fallen away
  3. parents who never obeyed the gospel
  4. siblings who aren’t Christians or aren’t faithful
  5. in-laws
  6. used-to-be-members
  7. co-workers
  8. classmates (teenagers you can invite folks too)
  9. neighbors
  10. prodigals who have gone out into the world
  11. bank tellers
  12. waiters and waitresses
  13. checkout clerks at Wal-Mart, etc.
  14. gas station clerks
  15. baseball/softball/volleyball/soccer team and coaches
  16. Facebook and MySpace friends
  17. Cracker Barrel hostesses
  18. barber/hairdresser
  19. teachers/professors
  20. club members (Lion’s, Kiwanis, Rotary, etc.)
  21. PTA/PTO members
  22. roommates
  23. mechanic
  24. meat counter lady/guy
  25. carpool
  26. drycleaner
  27. accountant
  28. doctor/nurse
  29. physical therapist
  30. daycare provider
  31. dentist
  32. pharmacist
  33. optometrist
  34. florist
  35. chiropractor
  36. UPS or FedEx guy

The fields are white for harvest. Let’s pray the Lord will send forth workers and inviters.

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