Wanna Get Involved? Just Do It

February 11, 2011

Ever heard or said any of the following well intended statements (just finish the statement to make it sound ‘well intended’)? “I would love to evangelize God’s word, but…” Or, “I sure would enjoy getting together with other Christians, having Bible studies, or encouraging others, but…”

Like many Christians I’ve been guilty of saying the same things from time to time. For many, these words haunt us when looking back at missed opportunities to serve, evangelize, or encourage the lost, our brethren, neighbors, co-workers, etc.

Instead of looking back, let’s look forward to the opportunities that are before us regarding the work here in Franklin, TN.

Consider the fact that next Saturday (1:00 pm at the building) we have the honor of sharing God’s word with a community in desperate need to hear the words of salvation. Or, the many brethren that could use phone calls, visits, letters, and other means of encouragement.

Rather than “I’d like to, but…” we can simply get involved—no excuses (NOTE: aren’t they so easy to make to excuse ourselves from the greatest work any Christian can be involved?).

So, instead of looking back at the “reasons” or justifications we used not to do something—especially when they don’t seem as convincing or worthy compared to the valuable task at hand—why don’t we just do it.


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