It Doesn’t Have to Be Big to Be Sacrificing for the Lord

August 21, 2009

Recently a local radio personality (a Christian and a friend) announced his decision to leave his position for one year to travel to China and teach English. In short, he indicated that the Lord had helped him through a difficult trial and he had promised the Lord he would do something special with his life – like this trip to China. He is sacrificing his time – a year of his life. He is sacrificing financially – leaving his business and the uncertainties of living in a foreign country at a time when Americans are not always welcomed with open arms.

You might look at a situation like this and say, I wish I could do something special for the Lord.

You can! In Romans 12:1 Paul tells us to present our bodies as a “living” sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is our reasonable service.

Every day that you live your life for the Lord; every day you set a good example for your family, neighbors, co-workers or a stranger; every time you do good unto others; every time you share God’s word with some one else; every time you support and encourage your brethren, you are…

“…Going To China”.

“God does not require anything we don’t have; but, he requires everything we do have.”

–David Coleman 

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